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Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket

For the lifetime of your vehicle the Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket should remain intact free of any leaks. The only movement this sealing component experiences is when the metal that makes up the heads, engine block and intake manifold expand as heat is being generated by the engine.

If your Nissan experiences a blown head gasket, then it is recommend that the intake manifold gasket also be replaced. This is due to the need to remove the intake manifold in the procedure to replace the head gasket. Some technicians reuse this seal but then the possibilities of a small air leak occurring is now dramatically increased.

For most models the intake manifold gasket has both metal and composite materials that make them up. This is how they can compensate for the expansion in the joints they seal without creating a rupture in them. If even a small leak occurs it will have a negative effect on the air to fuel ratio that is being introduced into each of the combustion chambers on your Nissan. The leak in the intake manifold gasket will be air and will cause your engine to run lean. This can cause overheating of the engine along with damage to other components is this condition is not rectified in a short period of time.

To test for a leak in the Nissan intake manifold gasket a can of carburetor spray can be used. By spraying this over the joints where the intake comes in contact with the heads and the block, a leak will cause the RPMs of the engine to increase. If this occurs, the Nissan owner then knows they have to replace their intake manifold gasket before their engine will perform as it is expected too.

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