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Aftermarket & OEM Interior Paint & Vinyl Dye

Interior paint and vinyl dye are used for repairing the inside of a car back to its original color or for changing its color altogether. Interior colors often fade because of sun damage or general wear as they are touched or sat upon. This contributes to an old, used-up or even dirty appearance. Having your interior looking as fresh as possible is not just a point of pride but a requirement for any top level restoration. It is also an economical way to fix up a car you are selling to try to get top dollar.

Early cars used wood and metal in their interiors. By the midcentury thought, many automakers were using plastic and vinyl and offering them in a wider variety of colors. Car interiors have largely changed with the fashion of the times. Today, most cars only offer three basic interior colors, black, grey, and tan or some variation of those colors. In the 1950s, two-tone and pastel colors like turquoise and pink were popular. In the 70s, darker colors like brown, blue and green were far more common. Sometimes these would be injection molds but other times they would just use paint. Matching the correct color in year car can often be a challenge but companies like OER have produced interior paint and vinyl dye in original matching colors.

Using the interior paint and vinyl dye is a great do-it-yourself project. Make sure that you have enough paint to do all the parts that you need to do. Be sure that you are in a well ventilated and well lit area. Contact an interior restoration specialist for more advice. There are some basic instructions below.

  • Test the paint in a small inconspicuous area to make sure that it is the right color.
  • Remove and isolate the part that you want to paint.
  • Whether the surface is metal, vinyl, plastic, or leather, make sure that the surface is properly cleaned and dry.
  • You may need to sand some surfaces for smoothness.
  • On still other surfaces you may want to use an adhesion promoter. Spray the interior paint evenly over the surface being careful not to allow it to drip.
  • Allow it to dry in the open.
  • After it dries, check the part and apply a second coat if needed.
  • Finally, spray on the clear coat to bring your new finish to life.
We carry a wide selection of interior paint and vinyl dye in a large variety of colors. Many are specific General Motors, Ford or Mopar paints meant to match the originals on the car. Whether you are doing a full restoration to a cherished classic or simply freshening up and old car, consider purchasing our new interior paints and vinyl dies. Also check for other products like adhesion promoters and engine paints.