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The Isuzu Axiom was a short-lived mid-size SUV offered from 2002-2004. It replaced the extremely successful Trooper, but was never as well-received due to simple design peculiarities. The chassis-on-frame design resembled that of a truck rather than a unibody crossover, which gave it a stiffer and rougher ride than the target market would hope for. Its body shell took chances with its styling - chances that didn't really pay off. However, it was mechanically a very sturdy and powerful SUV offering standard rear-wheel (or optional 4-wheel) drive and a 230hp V6 engine. Interior room was adequate, however on some surveys users found it lacking for intuitive and friendly ergonomics & controls with not enough space in the rear. The end of the Axiom heralded the end of Isuzu as a whole, as this was one of the last Isuzu vehicles built for the US. Further generations would simply be re-badged GM vehicles. Fun fact: the Axiom got its name by running a naming contest in which the person who submitted the name that was ultimately chosen would receive a complementary Axiom.