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Having discontinued the Isuzu Pickup in 1995, Isuzu needed a truck to fill the void. And in continuing the tradition of badge-engineering and rebranding GM/Isuzu collaborations, Isuzu launched the Hombre in 1996. It was a clone of the base model S-10 pickup, and offered a Spartan list of available options. The Isuzu Hombre was a great alternative to most other pickups offered in the US, since its price point was so much lower and anyone who simply needed a work truck could afford one. Also, maintenance was easy since most Isuzu Hombre parts are the same as those found on its Chevy cousin. Much to the dismay of most American buyer's, however, was its lack of options. And since most weren't hard up enough to need a pickup for under $15,000, the Hombre didn't sell enough units to keep it in production for longer than 5 years. Fun fact: though the Hombre was a re-badged Chevy S-10, its basis was on the Brazilian S-10 and manufactured in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil.