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The basis of the Chevy LUV was, in fact, originally the Isuzu Pickup. It was a no frills Japanese work truck with a small but reliable engine. It was such a performer in its market segment, that Chevrolet ditched the LUV and designed the S-10 (America's first domestic compact pickup) to compete with the Isuzu Pickup. All of these trucks were assembled in Chile from complete knock down kits imported from Japan, so all of the Isuzu Pickup parts were ready and accounted for at the time of production. For its last generation, however, all assembly was done at the Subaru Isuzu plant in Lafayette, IN, along with other Isuzu vehicles. By the mid 1990's, Isuzu chose to adopt Chevy's more popular S-10 as the basis for its new re-badged small truck, ultimately ending domestic production of the Isuzu Pickup. Fun fact: the Isuzu Pickup was the last domestically-produced vehicle with a carbureted engine.