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Called the Wizard in Japan, the 5-door Isuzu Rodeo was one of the hottest import SUV's at the time. It utilized chassis-on-frame construction, which gave it the ride characteristics more similar to a truck than what we would consider today to be an SUV. While it wasn't as well-rounded as a 4Runner, it made for a more attractive option when you compared all the similar features and saw that the Rodeo sold for less. Perhaps some stylistic choices in the first generation (91-97) could be blamed for that, but the second generation (98-04) was definitely given an image overhaul along with refining and finely tuning the engine and suspension. Isuzu Rodeo parts were still heavily sourced from Japan, so while this vehicle was made in Indiana it was still considered an import. Fun fact: first generation Rodeo's had a secret compartment hidden in the center console below a cassette storage tray.