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Before the sport utility vehicle market really took off in the US, Japanese automaker Isuzu was producing a Land Rover type SUV that would capture a large percentage of the young growing market. The Isuzu Trooper debuted in 1981 as a more economical alternative to the pricey British import, and found a decent following at first. However, its tiny 4-cyl engine wasn't enough to propel it to the number 1 spot in any market. It wasn't until GM lent its V6 to Isuzu that a reliable power source was offered, and shortly thereafter Isuzu replaced it with one of their own. By the 1990's, Isuzu felt a cosmetic refresh was in order. It was now competing with younger, sleeker designs from dozens of manufacturers. And while it still maintained its "less is more" design philosophy, the 1991 redesign was a very welcome improvement. It caught the attention of Honda (longtime cooperative of Isuzu), who sought to fill the gap in their luxury SUV offering by rebranding the Trooper as an Acura SLX. It was only for a few short years, but it raised the profile for the Trooper yet again. Unfortunately, Isuzu's wind down of operations in North America brought production to a close in 2004, and the last Troopers were sold in 2005. Fun fact: in the year 2000, Isuzu sought $242 million in lost-revenue and damages from a 1997 Consumer Reports rating that alleged the Trooper had a tendency to roll over under intense cornering. The NHTSA found no real risk existed and did not mandate a recall; however the judge and jury for the civil case did not award monetary damages to Isuzu because of the allegations.