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In response to the acute insight of then American Motors Chairman W. Paul Tippett Jr., Jeep introduced the Comanche pickup to the market in 1986. It was a compact pickup available in rear wheel or four wheel drive configurations. Perhaps the most unconventional design aspect of this truck is the fact that is has unibody construction with a removable cargo box. Most trucks are not unibodies; they are constructed using a chassis-on-frame design to improve rigidity. The pickups that are unibodies (the Rabbit pickup and Rampage to name a few) do not have a removable cargo box. The Comanche married the two designs not because of some inherent advantage it would have over other trucks, but because Jeep could use the front half of a Cherokee and slap a pickup bed on the back of it. As a result, many Jeep Comanche parts are the same as the Cherokee, and Chrysler sought to maintain the interchangeability of components between vehicles to keep costs down. Despite only being offered for a few years, the Jeep Comanche proved to be a capable off-road truck when equipped with aftermarket upgrades and big wheels and tires. Fun fact: the decision to discontinue the Jeep Comanche was due to Chrysler's desire to keep Jeep an SUV manufacturer, and Dodge a pickup manufacturer.