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In 1992, Detroit mayor Coleman Young and Chrysler president Robert Lutz received a police escort from the Jefferson North Assembly factory to Cobo Hall at the North American International Auto Show in the brand new red Jeep Grand Cherokee. Quite possibly the most dramatic debut at a car show to date, this launched the Grand Cherokee into stardom almost immediately. The market for luxury sport utility vehicles was so young then that there were only a few competitors. And while it was positioned above the Explorer and below the Range Rover, it was easily twice as profitable due to advanced manufacturing technology. Further advancements have only improved the vehicle's position in the market, as well as the quality of Jeep Grand Cherokee parts found on each SUV through its subsequent generations. Fun fact: American Motors Corporation started developing the Grand Cherokee in 1985, and in order to streamline the production process it created faster and easier ways to design the chassis, more efficient ways to manage interdepartmental communication, and a centrally located data storage system. This process became known as product life-cycle management, and is used in all manufacturing to this day.