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No such luxury 4WD utility vehicle existed when the Jeep Wagoneer was introduced in 1963. International, Chevrolet, and Land Rover had their SUV models, but none offered the kind of features and offerings that Jeep included in the Wagoneer: power steering, automatic transmission, push-button radio, roof rack with rails, air conditioning, tilt-steering, and the list goes on. For almost 30 years, it existed in a market that it was clearly leading and it reaped the benefits. Sure, it guzzled gas and was ultimately replaced by the smaller Cherokee, but there is no doubt that current Wagoneer owners lover their Jeep and will buy replacement Jeep Wagoneer parts to keep it running. Fun fact: Skyler White drove a red 1980's era Jeep Wagoneer on the AMC show Breaking Bad.