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Successor to the CJ, the Jeep Wrangler continues, and expands on, the popularity and marketability of the infamous and original utility vehicle. The first generation (YJ) debuted in 1986 and used much of the same features and technology as the CJ. Some cosmetic differences appeared, but the same leaf spring suspension and live axles were carried over. Sway bars, stabilizers, and track bars were added, but it was still less trail-worthy than some of the competition. The next generation (TJ) was built with coil spring and strut assemblies, greatly improving handling. It still kept the solid axles, but it was regarded as a significant improvement. Perhaps the most drastic improvement would have been the following generation (JK), as the frame was widened, factory tire size became larger, and overall body length shortened. It is currently the only 4x4 that is 100% factory trail-ready, but we all know that won't stop Jeep enthusiasts from buying and adding performance Jeep Wrangler parts to their already well-equipped off-road vehicle. Fun fact: in 8 out of the last 15 years, Kelley Blue Book and Forbes have given awards to the Wrangler for value retention and resale price.