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The term "econobox" refers to a compact or subcompact vehicle (usually an import) with a small engine that gets good gas mileage and has a low sticker price. Most car makers have a vehicle that fits this category, and some tend to specialize in it. Kia used to be one such manufacturer, and for a decade their compact 4-door was the Spectra. It was never the fastest or hippest car on the road, but what it lacked in pizzazz it more than made up for in value. The Spectra was introduced in 2000, and was born out of the days when Hyundai had a controlling interest in Kia. Its design was nothing to marvel at, but it indicated a shift in the company's philosophy away from just making the cheapest car money could buy to making a more valuable car cheaper. Still, anyone with a Kia Spectra would like to keep one on the road if they can, that's why we carry Kia Spectra parts at low prices every day. Fun fact: Lotus engineering helped tune the suspension on the Kia Spectra SX.