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Aftermarket & OEM Leaf Spring & Shackle Bushing

Absolutely essential components associated with the suspension on your car, truck, or SUV are the leaf spring and shackle bushings which connect the spring to the shackle and the shackle to the frame. Worn leaf spring and shackle bushings can be detected in several ways. Most commonly you will notice noise, because when they are damaged that will create metal to metal contact between the springs and shackle mounting bolts. If the upper shackle bushings are damaged then you will have metal to metal contact between the shackle and the bolts that secure them to the frame. If you allow bushings to get extremely damaged that will apply excessive stress to the spring and shackle mounting bolts and they could break. Suspension repairs are very important because they affect the safety and handling of your vehicle. Leaf springs bushings and shackle bushings secure axles in place and if it is allowed to get to the point that it becomes loose that means the axle is rendered insecure causing an extremely dangerous condition. Worn or damaged leaf spring shackle bushing repairs should be a top priority to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Leaf spring bushings act as a buffer point between the spring and the shackle mounting bolts and are made of a combination of steel and rubber. Shackle bushings are the buffer point between the shackles and the frame mounting bolts. Shackles are sometimes adjustable by having different options for mounting holes; allowing you to raise or lower the vehicle an inch or two depending on the shackle length. The leaf spring and shackle mounting bolts are also hardened steel to eliminate failure while you are driving down the road.

Leaf springs and shackle bushings are not that difficult to replace you just have to make sure you keep safety in mind at all times while completing this task.

  • Lift the vehicle and put jack stands under the frame to hold it securely with the wheel off the ground.
  • Remove the tire to allow access and place a floor jack under the axle assembly. If you are only replacing the shackle bushings you may be able to leave the spring attached to the axle, but it is less difficult to replace them if the axle is removed and on a work bench so a vice can be used to press the new parts in.
  • Remove the U Bolts and mounting bolts and the leaf spring can be removed.
  • After removing the old bushings, install the spring and shackle bushings by pressing them into the leaf spring eye.
  • Install the spring and make sure everything is lined up properly and secured.

Leaf springs and shackle bushings must be the exact specifications for your car, truck, or SUV or they will not fit or function correctly. Suspension parts must be the best quality possible and OEM to allow the vehicle to go straight down the road and handle safely and properly. We depend on our vehicles on a daily basis. Car Parts Discount offers a huge selection of replacement parts that you can depend on. CPD has the brand names you can count on for all parts including leaf spring and shackle bushings.