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Proper illumination of your vehicle is essential to safe night time operation and an often forgotten component of this process is the License plate lamp. These devices need to be maintained and serviceable at all times. An inoperative registration plate light is probably one of the most common reasons for traffic stops because people forget to check them on a regular basis. It is also very important that the lens is clean to project the required amount of light. Over time they will become fogged over and obstruct the ability of the light to function properly. An operational licence plate lamp is required by law to facilitate the identification of cars, trucks, and SUV's during night time operation and required repairs must be accomplished immediately.

License plate lamps are designed to illuminate the registration tag without projecting the light from the rear of the vehicle utilizing a lens to direct the light appropriately. These devices were the very first form of lighting incorporated on the rear of an automobile back in the 1920's. Some of them were designed with a red lens that could be seen when approaching the vehicle from the rear. This lead to the development of tail lights starting with one at first and then going to two. Most cars and trucks on the road today have three brake lights and this all has evolved from license plate lamps.

The replacement process for license plate lamps and lens varies depending on the way it is designed. In some circumstances the car or truck you are working on may be equipped with two of these devices. If only one of them is defective it would be a good preventive maintenance measure to replace both of them because the life span will be similar. In most situations it just involves removing a couple of screws to remove the lens.

When purchasing licence plate lamps there are OEM and aftermarket options and you must insure that the replacement meets requirements for your state's laws. Car Parts Discount has several options, both OEM and aftermarket to facilitate this repair. They also have all of the other automotive products you require to maintain your vehicles.