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The lift supports on a vehicle can be either in the front or rear and their function is to reduce the effort needed and to stabilize the opening of a trunk or hood. The most common type of failure for these parts is a loss of gas pressure inside the tube due to permeation, high temperatures, or frequency of use. When this occurs, the hatch or hood will fail to stay in the open position, or it will be more difficult to lift or open. If these parts aren't replaced immediately, it won't usually cause a failure of the hood or trunk to open, but it will make it more difficult. Without the lift supports, the hood or trunk would close much harder than intended and cause damage to the latch or body panels surrounding the edge of the hood or trunk.

A lift support has two major components: a rod and a tube. The rod slides into and out of the tube and on the end of the rod inside the tube are valves. The valves provide the pressure and resistance as well as holding in the "spring" energy that's used when the hood or trunk is opened. These lift struts are gas-charged with some viscous fluid in them to provide resistance. On either end are attaching points in different styles depending on the vehicle. Many are ball-and-socket types, some are bushings with a bolt, and there are a few others out there. They vary in length depending on the manufacturer. Most of them are application specific, so you'd need to find out the exact part numbers that would fit your vehicle.

The installation for lift supports is relatively easy. The following are instructions for uninstalling and installing the lift struts for most vehicles.
Ball-and-socket method:

  • "Pop" out the connecting ends from the vehicle starting on one side completely, and then the other side. This style simply requires some pressure pulling away from the ball stud to release support attachment.
  • "Pop" on the new connecting ends one side at a time, starting with the lower mount, then the upper mount. Just like uninstalling them above, simply apply pressure to the outside in the direction of the ball stud until the attachment latches onto the ball. You should hear and audible "snap" when it connects completely.

In the interest of safety, uninstall and install one side at a time. This is important because you don't want the trunk, hood, or hatch falling down into/onto the car and possible causing damage to the latching mechanisms, or crushing your hands while you're trying to install them. You also don't want to be holding the entire weight of the trunk, hood, or hatch while trying to install the new supports. If you have a steady support to use, such as a 2x4 piece of wood, or a metal pipe with a sturdy base, that would work too. Just be sure something is holding the weight of the area you're working besides your body. This will become very uncomfortable and it can become potentially dangerous very quickly.

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