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Lighting Control Module

Aftermarket & OEM Lighting Control Module

The lighting control module is an important part of the car that monitors all the lighting on the car just as the name implies. It is usually mounted in the driver foot well. This part operates the head lamps and tail lights, side marker lights as well as interior lights such as the dash and the dome lamps. It helps to automatically turn them on and off at night of when a door is opened or closed. If it is damaged and malfunctioning it may cause the lights to flicker on and off or may not work at all. It also runs the various chimes and warning lights in the vehicle. It is generally a small black plastic box-shaped part the screws into the interior and connects to an electrical harness. You don?t necessarily need the interior lighting and chimes to drive your car but they can be a nuisance to go without. At night it is difficult putting up with lamps flickering or turning on and off at will. Replacing the lighting control module now will end the worries and make driving a much happier experience.

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