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Hummer Main Bearing Set

Preserving your Hummer purring like the day it left the lot is important to you.

Granted, individual style makes Hummer unique, but flexibility is what makes them loved. So it's important that you maintain it by using the best replacement Main Bearing Set parts possible. If you started to hear some unusual sounds and your Hummer needs some parts replaced, then we can help you. Hummer enthusiasts will agree that the best parts, especially replacement Main Bearing Set, are the only ones that hardcore enthusiasts will put on their vehicle. When a Main Bearing Set fails it can translate into an unquestionably inconvenient experience for any driver.

Main Bearing Set performance is imperative for your car or truck.

There are several reasons why the oil pressure in your engine would fall to sub-optimal levels. But when your oil contains lots of tiny metal shavings, then it's likely that your Hummer engine has one or more spun main bearings. You will find these wrapped around the main journal of the crankshaft so that it can rotate smoothly and evenly through the main bore. Main bearings are made from a metal composite called Babbitt, and should last for over 100,000 miles if your Hummer is maintained properly.

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