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Mazda MX-6 Parts

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Mazda's MX-6 was a front drive sport coupe offered in the 80s and 90s. For the 1989 model year only, it was offered with four wheel steering and some models had an unusual three-valve-per-cylinder head and turbocharging. The four wheel steering had a fail-safe designed into it so that the car could still steer just using the front wheels if something happened that caused the rears to malfunction. The second generation MX-6 launched in 1993 and was beautifully styled. The MX-6 was built in the US along with the Ford Probe. Slumping sales for sport coupes in general meant that the MX-6 was discontinued in 1997 and never really replaced in the lineup. Our site has a great selection of Mazda MX-6 parts.