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Mercedes-Benz C230 Parts

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In 1997, Mercedes replaced their entry level 202 chassis C220 model with a C230. It was a very minor change, since both used the same M111 4-cylinder engine (the C230 with obviously larger displacement). Later, Mercedes would add a supercharger to this engine which boosted the horsepower by about 30%. As a 202 (from 97-00), the C230 was a 4-door sedan. After the C-Class evolved into the 203 chassis, the C230 existed as a 2-door coupe/hatchback with the supercharged 4-cylinder engine from 02-05 and then as a sedan with a naturally aspirated V6 from 06-07. Since there were three different body styles and three different engines during the 10 years it was produced, buying Mercedes-Benz C230 parts can be confusing. Also, keep in mind that different versions of the C230 were available in different countries.