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The Marauder was a launched a high performance variant of the full-size Mercury cars to take advantage of the new fastback NASCAR Fords during the 1963 season. Mercury Marauder parts are on our website. It only lasted a little over two years. In 1969, the Marauder name came back as a full-size fastback coupe. It was available with the big 429 V8 and covered headlights. It looked good and drove well but the market for full-size performance cars was not there and the model was discontinued after four years. The model was relaunched in 2003 on the Grand Marquis Panther platform. It went beyond mere badges by offering a double overhead cam version of the modular V8, a custom interior, and used Crown Victoria style tail lights. Although it was a nice car, consumers' limited memory of the original meant that there was not a lot of nostalgia for the car so sales were never big.