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Classic British mini-car styling: check. Bulletproof German engineering: check. Fun like a go-kart? You bet! The re-birth of the Mini Cooper in 2002 was BMW's attempt to turn what was once just a cult favorite from the 60's into a solid modern legend. It retains the small wheelbase and front wheel drive layout as its predecessor, and when coupled with a force induced engine produces a driving experience not found in most other passenger cars. Mini Cooper parts are mostly unique to this vehicle, however some are shared with a few smaller BMW chassis. The interior's round gauges and retro styling remind the driver of a time some decades ago, but the abundance of modern options will quickly remind you what decade you are in. Some detractors will say that all the plastic makes it look cheap, and that the seats are not comfortable for an extended period of time. However any Mini Cooper owner will staunchly defend their zippy little car.