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As a response to the tightening of US automotive regulations, Nissan saw fit to keep power production up by increasing the displacement of their 240Z and 260Z (with their respective 2.4L and 2.6L 6-cylinder engines) to 2.8L and replacing the carburetors with a fuel injection system. That small increase in power, however, was mitigated by the vehicle's increase in weight. It's not that Nissan 280Z parts got heavier, but there were more required for safety and emission compliances (such as the 5mph bumper and the addition of a smog pump). But in spite of all these obstacles, the 280Z is still easily customizable. The 240Z bumper can easily replace the large 5mph bumper found on the 280Z, aftermarket exhaust manifolds or headers can be added, even the 2.8L engine from the later model 280ZX can be swapped in (with turbo added). Enjoy!