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Nissan 370Z Parts

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Just another step in the incredible evolution of the Z car, the 370Z made its splash in 2009. Nissan has continuously led the front engine-rear wheel drive platform race (supercars excluded - look to the Skyline GT-R for more info on that) for several decades with this vehicle and it just keeps getting better. Virtually all Nissan 370Z parts are an improvement over its predecessor, the 350Z. The engine produces 30-50 more horsepower than its predecessor, the brakes are bigger, the chassis is a mix of rigid steel and light-weight aluminum, the control arms and steering linkage components are also aluminum, and the drive shaft is carbon fiber. All of these upgrades are an astonishing feat given an introductory price of well under $40,000. Plus, many aftermarket performance parts are available for this car too. Negative reviews of this vehicle point mostly to road noise and lack of visibility. But then again, you're driving a Z car.