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The trapping properties of the Buick Oil Filter allow for the engine to be provided with clean lubrication over an extended period of time. Inside of the oil filter is a paper element that actual traps the tiny carbon particles the Buick engine produces in the combustion of the fossil fuel. This cleaning of the oil is unimpeded until the pores of the paper element are filled.

What most Buick owners do not know is that the routine oil change their vehicle has performed on it every 3,000 miles is done to replace the oil filter, not because the oil is worn out. The oil has not lost its ability to lubricate the moving parts in the engine; it has just become overly contaminated with carbon deposits.

If there was a choice for replacing the Buick oil filter or the oil, the owner of the vehicle should chose the changing of the filter element. The logic behind this is that the paper element of the oil filter will have trapped so many carbon particulates by the 3,000 mile mark that the flow of oil through it will begin to be impeded. This restriction of the oil flow cannot be allowed to continue for an extended period of time or the moving parts in the engine will overheat and they will become damaged, seizing the engine.

To prevent this type of damage from occurring to the engine, once the paper element of the oil filter is filled to its capacity and the oil flow is impeded, a bypass valve will activate redirecting the flow of oil around the filter element. This allows for the moving parts of the Buick engine to still receive lubrication until the oil and filter are changed by the owner of the vehicle.

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