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With a new Chrysler Oil Filter in place all of the particulates that will be present in the lubrication system on your vehicle can be efficiently removed. The particulates mentioned will be constantly produced by the running of the engine. These particulates are the carbon particles which are a byproduct of burning fossil fuel in the engine.

As time progresses as the Chrysler engine is running, the amount of carbon being produced by the engine will be constantly deposited in the oil. The paper element of the oil filter will be removing them as the oil passes through it. At approximately 3,000 miles of the engine running, this paper element of the oil filter will become saturated with the carbon particulates. This is why Chrysler recommends that the oil and oil filter be changed at this mileage point.

Near the 3,000 mile mark, the paper element of the Chrysler oil filter will be so saturated with carbon particulates that the flow of oil will be reduced. When this occurs, the bypass value in the filter element will close and no longer permit oil to enter. This is a safety procedure so oil, even thou it is contaminated, will still be circulating through the system lubricating the moving metal components of the engine.

The changing of the oil and the oil filter is done so a new paper filter element can be introduced to the lubrication system on your Chrysler. The oil itself is not damaged or worn out. It is just highly contaminated where the paper element can no longer remove the particles present in it. If only the oil will be changed, the moving parts will still be lubricated with contaminated oil that will prematurely wear the components it was meant to preserve.

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