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The all important GMC oil filter is the low cost paper element that keeps the internal workings of your engine free of particulates. The location of the oil filter is different on each model but they all server the same purpose of helping to keep the oil clean of contaminants. What most truck owners are not aware of is that the main purpose of the GMC oil filter is to filter out the carbon particulates the engine produces and not dirt or debris from the outside atmosphere. These particulates are found in the blow by around the cylinder walls. With the engine continually producing these particulates, the oil filter will have its paper element filled with them somewhere between the 3,000 to 5,000 mile mark and will require replacement on your GMC truck. The oil that will be passing through the filter element cannot become worn out or damaged in any manner other than becoming contaminated. This is just a fact in its nature. The reason the oil has to be changed is because the amount of particulates it contains after 3,000 miles is too great to remove by means of an oil filter, even a new one on your GMC. The oil can have these contaminates removed by the use of a centrifuge, but this is time consuming and most GMC owners just purchase new oil to be used in their engine. The oil filter cannot be cleaned or reused like the oil can for any reason. The paper element has trapped millions of carbon particulates and there is not an economical manner in which they can be removed. Because of this the filter has to be disposed of and replaced on the engine.

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