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The paper element in the Jeep oil filter is the component that traps the minute particles that are floating around in the oil of your engine. These particles are the carbon particulates the engine is producing when it burns the fuel. Particulates are always present in the oil, which is the reason an oil filter must be present and functioning properly. What drivers are unaware of is that there is a check valve present in their Jeep oil filter. Its only purpose is to prevent the oil from entering the paper element portion of the oil filter once the flow through it is reduced to a point it will cause damage to the engine. This damage is the result in a limited amount of oil flowing to the bearings and other moving parts on the Jeep engine. The only way to keep the oil filter from going into its bypass mode is to change it on a regular basis. This is the reason the oil and its filter is changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles on your vehicle. The oil does not wear out; it is just so contaminated with these fine particulates that it is no longer safe to use in your Jeep motor. Once removed the oil filter has to be properly disposed of. This is regulated by the US Government since it contains oil; it is now listed as a hazardous waste product. The oil is also considered a hazardous waste product but it can be recycled. This is accomplished with a centrifuge which removes the particulates from the oil. This oil can them be used for many purposes but one of which is not generally used for it is to be used inside of Jeep motor.

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