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Porsche Oil Filter

It is the ability of the Porsche Oil Filter to remove the carbon particulates from the liquid medium that makes it possible for the maximum level of lubrication to occur on the interior of the engine. Inside of the oil filter mounted to the engine of your Porsche is a paper element that traps the particulates on a constant bases.

The oil filter has a limited capacity to trap the carbon particulates so the oil can be transferred to the many moving parts of the engine. Once this upper limit is reached, the paper element in the oil filter is saturated and begins to restrict the volume of oil that can pass through it. To prevent any damage from occurring to the Porsche engine from the lack of oil reaching the moving parts, a bypass valve is activated in the filter. This capacity is reach on or near the three thousand mile mark from when the last oil change occurred.

It is this saturation of the Porsche oil filter that causes the need for an oil change procedure to be necessary. The oil itself is not worn out or has become damaged, but it is the filter that is in desperate need of being changed which is the main reason for this procedure to occur on a regular basis. Once the saturation level has been reached and the bypass valve closes off the filter, the oil will continue to flow to the moving parts of the Porsche engine, but it will be highly contaminated with the carbon particulates the engine produces from the burning of the fossil fuel. If only the oil is changed and not the oil filter, then the damage to the engine will cause it to prematurely wear in a short allotment of time.

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