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It is the responsibility of the Suzuki Oil Filter to provide the cleanest possible lubricate to the inner working components of your engine. This cleaning of the oil for your Suzuki engine is accomplished in the oil filter by the paper element it contains on the interior of its canister.

Most car owners are not fully aware of the fact that the routine oil changing procedure is really in place so a new oil filter can be placed on the engine. The oil that is circulating in the engine has not become worn out or damaged by any means. It is just highly contaminated by the carbon deposits placed there when the gasoline is burnt in the combustion chamber of your Suzuki engine.

The mileage mark of three thousands is the place where the paper element of the Suzuki oil filter has become so saturated with the carbon deposits the engine has produced that the flow of oil through it will begin to decrease. If the oil change procedure is not done on the engine at this time, the bypass valve on the oil filter will become activated closing the flow of oil off to the inner section of the filter.

The logic behind the closing of the filter's cleaning element to the flow of oil is so the oil pressure of the engine can be maintained, even with dirty contaminated oil. This will help to keep the inner moving components of the engine lubricated until the owner of the Suzuki makes time for the oil change procedure to take place on their vehicle. Unfortunately with the oil filter closed off, the carbon deposits in the oil are causing excessive wear to the engine components on a continuous basis until a new filter and oil are put into the engine.

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