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Manufactures incorporate several safety devices on cars, trucks, and SUV's to alert you of a possible issue that requires attention and one of those devices is an oil level sensor. If you're driving down the road and you notice that your oil light is on or blinking then the first thing you should do is check the oil level. If the engine oil is serviced to the appropriate level and the light doesn't go out you may have a defective sensor creating this issue. The proper operation of all safety components is essential to protect the engine from potential damage. We need to have a visual indication to make us alert of engine oil pressure issues and over temperature conditions and this is accomplished by the use of sensors and sending units. If the oil level in the engine is insufficient and the oil sensor is defective not bringing this to your attention then if not corrected extensive damage to the motor could occur. The correct oil level provides adequate oil pressure to effectively lubricate the internal components to decrease wear and prevent damage. Early detection and the replacement of safety devices like an oil level sensor are vital to avoid more extensive repair requirements.

Oil level sensors are basically a switching device that opens or closes to complete a circuit to illuminate the oil light. They are mounted to the oil pan assembly and are normally a float type switch that moves up and down as the engine oil level goes up and down. When the engine oil level falls below a predetermined level the switch will open or close depending on its design. This action completes the circuit to the oil light indicator to alert you that an engine oil level issue is present.

Replacing an oil level sensor is a relatively simple, but delicate procedure. The electrical connector and the device can be damaged easily if the appropriate tools and methods are not used. You will be required to place the vehicle on jack stands to achieve the appropriate amount of ground clearance. The oil must be drained from the engine to accomplish this task so an oil change and filter replacement is easily incorporated into this procedure. After the oil has been drained then the electrical connection can be removed to facilitate the removal of the sensor. Normally they screw into the oil pan assembly and can be removed using a socket or wrench determined by the application. Depending on the vehicle make and model it could be required for you to remove the oil pan to remove the sensor if it is mounted and secured from inside the oil pan. After the new oil level sensor is installed and secured you just need to finish the oil change process.

When purchasing safety components such as an oil level sensor it must meet or exceed the OEM standards. We depend on this device to alert us of an insufficient oil level condition that can cause extensive damage to the motor and internal components requiring the quality to be the best available. Car Parts Discount is a huge retailer available online to offer you the best options for all of your automotive parts and products. CPD has oil level sensors and anything else you may need to complete quality repairs on your automobiles.