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Oil Pan Bolt

Aftermarket & OEM Oil Pan Bolt

With a snapped oil pan bolt on the bottom of your engine, an oil drip will be continuous until it is repaired. This only happens when a technician applies too much torque to one or more of the oil pan bolts when the oil pan is being mounted to the bottom of the engine block after an internal repair has been completed. If the bolt that is broken off is at the end of the block, either front or back, the main seal will also not be held properly in place and could be prone to also leak motor oil.

All oil pan bolt are small little bolts generally not more than an inch long. There is a series of them on both sides on the bottom of the engine block that hold the oil pan in place. They are made from tempered steel alloy and should not be over torque when being put into place. When too much force is used on securing the oil pan bolt, not only can it snap the bolt, but the gasket will get smashed that will lead to an oil leak for that location. This application of excessive force can also damage or dent the oil pan which will also have to be repaired.

To replace a broken oil pan bolt requires that the motor oil be drained from the crankcase. If a portion of the broken bolt is exposed, a tool like a pair of Visegrips can be used to grip it and attempt to remove it. Heat can be applied to the block to help expand the block which might make the removal process easier. If the oil pan bolt is sheared off art the surface of the engine block, a hole will have to be drilled into the broke bolt and an Easyout inserted for it to be removed.