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If your engine is leaking oil then a possible cause of this is the oil pan drain plug gasket, and it is essential to correct this as soon as possible to protect your motor. Your engine requires an adequate oil supply to function properly. Proper oil level facilitates the ability to achieve the correct oil pressure required to lubricate engine components. If the oil capacity is low due to an oil leak, the existing oil will break down faster. Your engine creates a lot of heat, and over time this heat will breakdown the composition of the motor oil. When oil breaks down it then provides less lubrication to the moving parts in the motor causing more wear to the engine. A defective oil plug gasket allows oil to saturate the undercarriage of your car, truck, or SUV and this creates several other issues. You may smell oil burning because it is making contact with hot exhaust components. This oil can also saturate suspension parts like bushings causing them to fail prematurely. Replacing a defective oil pan drain plug is basically doing an oil change; which is routine preventive maintenance, and in this case will prevent a lot of other issues that require extensive repairs.

Oil pan drain plug gaskets provide a proper seal to the oil pan assembly preventing the drain plug from leaking. They can be constructed of several different materials and are specific to each application. All gasket applications are based on the design of the component they are required to seal. Most gaskets are not required to be removed and reinstalled every twenty five hundred miles but the oil drain plug gasket must meet this criteria. The oil drain plug design can determine the material that best facilitates the application as well. Some examples of the different materials used are nylon, rubber, copper, aluminum, and steel.

Replacing the oil pan drain plug gasket is always done when changing the oil in your automobile. Depending on the clearance available you may be required to place the vehicle on jack stands. To start, you drain the oil and remove the filter. You should always make sure the oil has time to drain completely because you don't want old oil to remain in the motor. Remember, preventive maintenance can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Apply a little oil to the oil filter gasket before installing it so it seals to the housing properly. When you install the oil drain plug with the new gasket make sure to tighten it snugly and don't over tighten. When adding the oil, be careful not to overfill it and always recheck the level after the engine has run a couple minutes.

When performing preventive maintenance and repairs on your car, truck, or SUV you must obtain the right parts for the job. Oil pan drain plug gaskets need to be a quality product that meets OEM specifications and establishes a dependable seal to the oil pan assembly. Car Parts Discount is the supplier that you can rely on to purchase your oil pan drain plug gasket and a variety of other parts you need to fix your automobile correctly. CPD has the quality parts that you can count on and provides quality support to enhance your experience.