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The Chevrolet oil pan is the reservoir of the wet sump system this car maker uses to lubricate the bottom of the crankshaft. This is how the bearings and connecting rods are lubricated from the outside, but they also have an interior oiling path that is engineered into the block and internals. The replacement of the oil pan on a Chevrolet is not a common repair job, but does occur. The most common reason for the replacement of this auto part is due to the oil pan being damaged from an object or debris from the road. If a leak, even a small one, occurs on your Chevrolet oil pan then replacement is necessary. Replacement of the oil pan is a simple procedure but unless you have a lift, lying on your back will be the position you have to be in during the repair job on your Chevrolet. The bolts will have to be removed on both sides of the pan and it lowered. Make sure the entire old gasket is removed before the new pan is put into place. This has to include the polymer seals, one at each end of the pan. This will help to ensure the new seal being formed will not have any leaks. The threads for the oil plug in the pan are not very deep. Because of this some inexperienced technicians do over tighten the plug which stripes it out. This also requires the oil pan to be replaced since re-tapping this hole is not recommended. Many technicians have been known to cover-up this mistake by replacing the plug on the oil pan with a polymer one. The owner of the Chevrolet will never know when this occurred if they already have one on their vehicle. This is also a reason for the replacement of this part.

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