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Most of the Ford oil pans that come from the factory will last the life of the vehicle on which they are mounted to. This is not a component on your engine that will wear out in time unless it succumbs to rust. A large majority of the oil pans that are in need of replacement are on Ford work trucks that travel over rough and uneven terrain. They become pierced or penetrated when they come in contact with a bolder or other hard object in the path of the vehicle. The replacement of a Ford oil pan is a task most owners of this type of vehicle can do themselves. This procedure only requires the car or truck to be securely lifted up, and then the bolts removed from the oil pan. The Ford engine can remain in the vehicle, and usually no other components on your car or truck will have to be removed. Just like any surface on an engine that has to be sealed, all of the old gasket material must be cleaned away before the new gasket is put into place on the oil pan. With the old pan removed from the engine, an inspection of the inner workings on the bottom of the engine should take place. Usually the crankshaft and bearing will not be damaged when the pan is damaged, but the oil pump and oil intake tube might be. Make sure to inspect them, and replace them if necessary before you reassemble the bottom of your engine. Once the new oil pan is in place on your Ford vehicle, the oil reservoir for your engine will then once again be sealed so the engine can enjoy a long and productive life.

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