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Aftermarket & OEM Oil Pump Cover

If you are required to add oil to the engine of your car, truck, or SUV on a regular basis you should inspect the condition of the oil pump cover. If you acknowledge oil spots in your garage or on your driveway the source of the leak requires immediate attention. Due to the extensive heat and the constant vibration these components endure they will fail at some point and require replacement. In some situations they may develop a crack or become warped and must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid more extensive repair requirements. Replacing a defective oil pump cover is a relatively easy and inexpensive process to prevent extensive internal engine damage due to insufficient lubrication.

An oil pump cover is intended to facilitate access to the oil pump assembly and retain the oil within the housing as well. They are specifically designed to meet the particular application requirements and can consist of several different configurations. They are also constructed utilizing various materials based on the application requirements. In some situations they are just a basic metal cover that is solid and bolts to the housing to seal it. Others are much more complex and are constructed from cast aluminum and incorporate bearings and seals. This is to facilitate the oil pump shaft that operates the device.