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The engine lubrication system on your car, truck or SUV must maintain the appropriate oil level and a defective oil pump gasket will hinder this process. If you are required to add oil to your motor on a regular basis then this is an indication that there is a leak present. You should perform a thorough visual inspection to properly identify the issue. If you notice oil residue where your oil pump is mounted the gasket will require replacement as soon as possible. Any leaks present in the lubrication will reduce the ability of the motor to maintain sufficient oil pressure. A sufficient oil level and pressure is required to prevent damage to internal engine components and if it doesn't exist then extensive repair requirements will result.

Oil pump gaskets are designed specifically to the required application and can be construed of a variety of materials. The type of material utilized is determined by the surfaces be sealed together. Smooth machined surfaces are generally sealed using a rubber gasket. Rougher surfaces require a flexible or expanding material such as cork or fibber. Oil pump gaskets are required to contain holes in specific locations to line up correctly with the oil ports. This allows the oil to be retained while also facilitating sufficient fluid flow to accomplish the lubrication process.

The complexity level of replacing an oil pump gasket will contain several contributing factors such as location being number one. You should obtain the appropriate technical references for the engine you are working on to guide you through this process. You may be required to complete a lot of disassembly on some vehicles. You will need to evaluate the specific situation and use the appropriate methods that are needed to successfully complete the task.

When buying a new oil pump gasket it must be a quality OEM replacement part that you can count on to function correctly. We rely on our cars and trucks to provide a dependable transportation mode for ourselves and our families. This requires the accomplishment of quality repairs using quality parts such as the ones you can purchase from Car Parts Discount. They have any automotive products you may require to maintain and repair your vehicles.