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Without a properly working Ford oil pump in the sump of your engine, the locking up of the moving parts in the engine will occur almost instantly. The oil pump is located on the bottom of the Ford engine in the oil sump area. To replace this auto part, the oil pan would have to be removed. The reasons for an oil pump to fail are limited to just a few. This is a mechanical pump that is driven by the engine running. The gear drive of this component can fail, but that is very rare. The most common reason for the Ford oil pump to fail is the impeller inside of it becomes dislodged from the shaft it is mounted to. When this occurs, the oil pressure supplying the engine with lubricant will instantly go down to zero. If this occurs to you, the Ford engine has to be immediately turned off or the bearings and cylinder walls will become scorched causing the engine to need a complete overhaul. To replace the oil pump, the oil pan has to be removed and the pump removed from the engine. Connected to the pump is the oil suction tube. Take care in removing this component so it is not dented or damaged in any way. Any reduction in the area of this tube will reduce the amount of oil that can flow through it which is a condition that is undesirable by all Ford owners. The oil pump might be in the sump of the engine, but the gasket that is placed between it and the engine block should still be done and the seal made as good as possible. This will allow the oil to flow where it is supposed to and not back into the sump, providing no lubrication to the necessary part of the engine which is its only purpose.