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Acura Oxygen Sensor

The Acura oxygen sensor on your vehicle is the device the measures the amount of O2 in the exhaust gases after the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber. This is a necessary component of all fuel-injected engines on the road today. Its function is to measure in real time just how efficiently your engine is using the fuel it is consuming. This allows for the computer of your Acura to know if the air to fuel mixture is to rich or lean so the correct adjustment can be made. Once the oxygen sensor sends its signal to the computer, a signal is then sent to the fuel injectors allowing for maximum performance and fuel efficiency. The development of the oxygen sensor has progressed over the decades since it was first developed for Acura cars back in the 1980s. This is why there are over 135 different oxygen sensors made for your make of car. Even with the same engine, Acura models use the latest technology so their engines will perform best and the reason for a new type every year. The name oxygen sensor is slightly misleading as to just what this part actually does. This is a device that analyzes the different between the oxygen in the exhaust gases to the outside air. Another reason for the use of this device is to help reduce the amount of nitrous oxides the exhaust from your engine produces. The present manufactures of this high quality replacement part for your Acura oxygen sensor include Bosch, Denso, Walker, Delphi and NTK, but new ones are always being added. By having a properly working sensor monitoring your engine, you will have the optimum performance at all time and help safe guard the environment we all live in together.

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