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Cadillac Oxygen Sensor

The data collected from the Cadillac Oxygen Sensor is utilized in part to determine the correct fuel to air ratio each cylinder should receive. This makes it possible for the Cadillac to be driven anywhere and at any elevation with no negative effects on it mileage or performance.

The oxygen sensor is an electrical component that takes readings on both the oxygen levels in the atmosphere around the vehicle and what is present in the exhaust gases the engine is producing. These two readings are sent to the onboard computer as a ratio on your Cadillac. This is one of the figures used in the calculating of the precise fuel to be added to the air that is entering the engines intake system.

When the Cadillac oxygen sensor is not working properly or becomes disconnected, the check engine light on the dashboard will become illuminated. This will be the first indication to the driver of the Cadillac that there is a problem with one of the sensors on their vehicle which can include the oxygen sensor.

The first step an owner can do is to check the wires that connect not only the oxygen sensor to the onboard computer but all the other sensor on their engine. The wire could have just become disconcerted causing the failure light to be illuminated. The wire could have also been cut by road debris or brunt since it is located on the exhaust pipe that is very hot while the engine is operating.

If the code from the onboard computer indicates the oxygen sensor is faulty and the wire is connected to it, then the sensor itself should be replaced. To clear this code from the computer, the battery will have to be disconnected. That will also make it safe to change this electrical component.

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