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Dodge Oxygen Sensor

It is the Dodge oxygen sensor that makes it possible for your car's computer to compensate for altitude and climate changes in its calculation for the correct air to fuel mixture for the engine. This is the sensor in your exhaust system that analysis the exhaust gases your engine produces and compares it to what is in the atmosphere surrounding your car or truck. Because the oxygen sensor is exposed to higher temperatures than other sensors in your vehicle, it does malfunction periodically which requires it to be replaced. There are no rebuilt oxygen sensors and only a new part should be used on your Dodge. Its location can be found just aft of the exhaust manifold on the exhaust pipe generally under the hood of your Dodge. A failing Dodge oxygen sensor has symptoms of poor performance and mileage of the vehicle along with a lack of power when the gas pedal is pushed. The check engine light will also be activated on your dash. There is a specific code the onboard computer will store if this part is failing that can be retrieved. With the engine cooled off, the new oxygen sensor can be replaced without the technician or car owner getting burned. This has to be accomplished with a wrench since the sensor has a wire and a socket would damage this wire on the new oxygen sensor. This will then allow for the onboard computer to know the correct ratio of oxygen in the exhaust gases as compared to the atmosphere so the correct amount of fuel can be released to the cylinders for maximum performance. Without this vital information the Dodge engine will either be running lean or rich.

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