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Obviously, a variety of build options makes Freightliner unique, but best-in-class service is what makes them loved. So it's important that you maintain it by purchasing Oxygen Sensor parts that don't break the bank. Qualities such as the ability to customize and German engineering are what make your vehicle special, which is perhaps driving your passion for it. If you drive a Freightliner, you should recognize that maintaining it in good shape is imperative. Anyone who owns a Freightliner will know that only the most reliable Oxygen Sensor parts are the only ones that hardcore enthusiasts will put on their car, truck, or SUV.

It's not good to forget about trouble with the Oxygen Sensor in your car or truck.

Your Freightliner engine is required to calibrate and adjust its air/fuel ratio and ignition timing in order to maintain optimum fuel-efficiency. Because your vehicle has oxygen sensors, your fuel-injection system can optimize these variables for performance gains and increased gas mileage while helping control hydrocarbon emissions. Oxygen sensors do this by measuring the heat and chemical composition of the exhaust gases as they exit your Freightliner engine. Your engine control module then reads the data about your exhaust gases and makes the appropriate adjustments to your fuel consumption.

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