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Infiniti Oxygen Sensor

The data being analyzed by the Infiniti Oxygen Sensor is the oxygen levels in the exhaust gases as compared to what is present in the surrounding atmosphere. To accomplish this task of data gathering, the oxygen sensor is mounted in the exhaust system just after the exhaust manifold on your Infiniti power plant.

A faulty oxygen sensor will be detected by the onboard computer which will notify the driver of the vehicle by illuminating the check engine light on the dash of the Infiniti. When this occurs, a code is stored in the onboard computer identifying the problem.

Once the code or codes have been retrieved from the onboard computer and a faulty Infiniti oxygen sensor has been identified, the owner of the vehicle should check and see if the wiring leading to this sensor is still attached and in good working order. The code is indicating that no signal is being received by the onboard computer from the oxygen sensor, not necessarily that it is faulty. If the wire passes a conductivity test, then the problem is a faulty sensor.

The first step in replacing the sensor is to disconnect the battery. Not only will this eliminate any chance of the technician or owner of the Infiniti doing the repair procedure from being shocked with an electrical charge, but it will also clear all of the stored codes in the onboard computer. This way once the repair procedure is completed and the vehicle started back up a faulty signal indicating there is a problem with the engine as illustrated by the check engine light being illuminated will not occur.

The properly operating oxygen sensor is to relay data that is used in the air to fuel ratio calculation so the maximum amount of power can be obtained along with the higher level of fuel mileage by your engine.

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