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Isuzu Oxygen Sensor

The ability of the Isuzu Oxygen Sensor to send data to the onboard computer is essential to the performance and fuel mileage of the vehicle. The oxygen sensor collects data on the levels of oxygen not only in the exhaust gases being produced by your Isuzu engine but also from the surrounding atmosphere.

The placement of the oxygen sensor on your Isuzu engine is just after the joining of all the pipes from the different cylinders in the exhaust manifold. This allows for the data that is collected to be a true sampling of what the engine is producing. This true sampling provides the necessary information so the air and fuel mixture calculation can be done in the most accurate manner for the best performance of your engine.

When the oxygen sensor fails to send a signal to the on board computer, the check engine light becomes illuminated on the dash board informing the driver of this situation. The check engine light is an indication that an error code has been stored by the onboard computer and should be retrieves so the correct repair can be completed.

When the code is retrieved and it indicates the problem is no signal is being sent from the Isuzu oxygen sensor to the onboard computer, action is required by the owner to remedy this situation. The first thing that the Isuzu owner should do is to investigate the wire from the oxygen sensor ensuring it is capable of conducting the required electrical impulse so the signal can be sent from it. If the wire is tested and passes then the sensor should be replaced. In this repair procedure the battery should be disconnected so the check engine light will go off.

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