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The information the Oldsmobile Oxygen Sensor supply's the computer on your vehicle is one of the reasons the efficiency level of your engine's performance is so high. The oxygen sensor is the data collection device in the exhaust system that makes a direct comparison of the oxygen level of the fossil fuel being burnt by your engine as it is compared to the atmosphere surrounding the Oldsmobile on a continuous and constant basis.

The changes in the oxygen levels around a vehicle do not vary greatly in terms of whole percentages, but this is the level of precision the Oldsmobile engines are tuned to perform at today. This is why it is so important for the little oxygen sensor to be working correctly each and every time the vehicle is being operated.

The Oldsmobile oxygen sensor is connected to the onboard computer with a single wire. If this wire is disconnected for any reason or the sensor itself fails, the driver will be notified by the check engine light becoming illuminated on the dashboard. When this is noticed, the code that is stored in the memory of the on board computer has to be retrieved in order for the diagnosis of the problem to begin. When the code for the oxygen sensor is retrieved, the very first thing that should be looked at is to see if the wire is still connected to the sensor.

If the wire is still connected then the oxygen sensor mounted in the exhaust system of your Oldsmobile should then be replaced. As part of this repair procedure, the battery should be disconnected. This will not only prevent the technician replacing the sensor from getting shocked but will also clear the stored codes in the onboard computer so a false reading will not be made.

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