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Suzuki Oxygen Sensor

The Suzuki Oxygen Sensor is one of the many data collection devices installed on your vehicle. It is this collection of data and analysis by the onboard computer that makes it possible for the new engines to operate as such a high level of efficiently today.

The only purpose of the oxygen sensor is to read the levels of oxygen in both the exhaust gases being produced by the Suzuki engine and what is presently being used by the engine in its intake system. When this set of data points is no longer being received by the computer on your vehicle, the calculation in the air to fuel ratio being used by it will be inaccurate.

A faulty signal from the Suzuki oxygen sensor will initiate the illumination of the check engine light on the dashboard for the driver to see. Once this light appears, the codes stored in the computer have to be retrieved so the correct determination of the problem can be identified. When the code for the oxygen sensor is retrieved, the owner should first look to make sure the sensor is plugged in and the wire leading from it is not damaged. If the wire connecting the oxygen sensor to the computer is damaged and not sending the signal it will have to be repaired. If this is done without disconnecting the battery on your Suzuki, the check engine light will remain illuminated on the dashboard even if the problem has been rectified.

The check engine light will only go off when the battery is disconnected and the codes in the computer are cleared. If the problem with the oxygen sensor on your Suzuki engine is still present after the wire is fixed, then the check engine light will be illuminated again. If the problem has been fixed the light will remain off.

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