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With a broken parking assist sensor on your vehicle, the driver will have to use visual aids to help them become aware of obstacles that are close to the vehicle. This is a safety device that when it malfunctions, the driver of the vehicle might not be aware of it not working and could hit an obstacle when parking or maneuvering. A parking assist sensor can malfunction because it has shorted out or become damaged from being struck by a blunt object from the road surface. It can also become obstructed with debris, but that is a very rare occurrence.

The placement of the parking assist sensor on a vehicle is dependent on its age and manufacturer. On older models they were only placed in the rear of the vehicle. Today there can be up to 8 of them which are located on all sides of the vehicle to assist the driver when parking the vehicle. The parking assist sensor is made of electronic component encased with a polymer cover for protection. It is connected to the onboard computer through the vehicles wiring harness. On most vehicles the sensor is an ultrasonic proximity detector that sounds an alarm when a foreign object is near or approaching the vehicle.

The replacement of a parking assist sensor requires the faulty component be identified. On some newer models the onboard computer can assist with this. Once located the battery should be disconnected to prevent any possibility of an electrical shock and to clear the codes in the computer. Once the new parking assist sensor is in place it should be tested to make sure it is functioning correctly. This can be as simple as waving your hand in front of it when the system is on.