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The Buick parking brake cable is part of the manual braking system for your car. If you experience hydraulic brake failure, this is the auto part that can bring your vehicle to a safe stop. Unlike the hydraulic braking system on your car, the parking brake is only connected to the rear wheels. This is where and how the parking brake cable can slow down your car. The parking brake cable on your Buick is directly connected to the parking brake lever. The other end is connected to a junction piece in which two other parking brake cables are attached. This junction makes it possible for just one lever to be used in connecting both rear braking components of your car to the lever. The use of three Buick parking brake cables is the standard formation of this manual system used by most vehicles on the road today and in the past. Because of the need for changes and placement of these parking brake cables on your specific model of Buick, they have changed in length over the years but the function remains the same. Inside the rear disc or drum brakes is the place the parking brake cable is attached. This manually pulls the shoe of the brake against the drum of your Buick. It is how this auto part can hold your car in place even when it is parked on an incline. It is also how you can stop your car's forward momentum if the hydraulic braking system fails when you are traveling down the road. To help you control a safe emergency stop, the amount of force on the shoes must be regulated. Put the car in neutral and keep the button pushed in on the parking brake lever while you pull it up and gradually reduce your speed. This allows you to increase and decrease the force being applied to the parking brakes.