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A Chevrolet parking brake cable has multiple purposes on your car. As all drivers are being taught, when parking a vehicle on a gradient the parking brake should be engaged. Additionally, if the car has a manual transmission the parking brake should be engaged each time it is parked no matter the slope of the surface. The parking brake cable is the connection from the lever in the passenger compartment to the rear brakes on all Chevrolet models. This is how the car is kept in place when this brake is engaged. Over time, and due to stress being applied to the parking brake cables, they do break. This will require the replacement of the part. There are 3 Chevrolet parking brake cables. One connected to the lever and two more at the junction under the car where it is split so each rear brake is attached to this system. Anyone of the parking brake cables can be broken and an inspection under the car is the only way to determine which one it is. This cable is generally 1/4" in diameter. What is not known or considered by most owners of a Chevrolet is that the parking brake cable is also a secondary braking system they can use to help stop their car when it is in motion. The action by the driver is the same as setting the parking brake except that the button on the lever should remain depressed. This makes it possible for the driver to control the amount of pressure being applied to the rear brakes by the parking brake cables. For floor mounted parking brakes, the release lever will have to be pulled and held for the pressure to be regulated. For safety purposes, any part of the parking brake that fails should be immediately replaced to make your Chevrolet as safe as possible when driving down the road.