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The Dodge parking brake cable on your vehicle is also the connection you have to your emergency braking system. This is the auto part that connects the lever or pedal in the passenger compartment to the rear brakes. There are a total of three different parking brake cables on your emergency braking system that is standard equipment on all Dodge models. Any one of them can fail due to the stress and strain imposed on them from activating this system. Most Dodge owners are not familiar with using this manual braking system since the hydraulic braking system is more convenient to use on a daily basis. It is the tension on the parking brake cables that move the shoes in the rear drum brakes next to the drum so the wheel will not turn. This is also why it is used when the car or truck is parked on an incline and the owner wants some added friction to help prevent the vehicle from moving. The most common time a Dodge parking brake cable will fail is when pressure is being applied to it. This can be felt with a sudden giving of the lever or pedal that engages the parking brake. If the owner of the Dodge then looks under their vehicle, they should be able to see a 1/4" metal cable dangling beneath the car. The replacing of the parking brake cable will be dependent on just which one of them broke. The rear parking brake cables are attached at a junction in the middle of the vehicle and to the front brake shoe in each of the rear brake assemblies. The front cable is attached to the lever and the junction in the middle of the vehicle on the underside.