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The Oldsmobile parking brake cables get very little use today since the installation of automatic transmissions are now more common in this make of vehicle. In the past with manual transmissions, the parking brake cables where used to make sure the vehicle did not move when it was parked. This task is now being handled by the automatic transmission. The configuration of the parking brake cables on Oldsmobile vehicles has not changed very much in several decades. There is one from the passenger compartment that is connected to a pedal or lever. The rear section of this cable is then connected to a junction half way back under the vehicle where two more parking brake cables are attached. These cables are each attached to the brake shoes in the drums or rotors mounted on the rear wheel assemblies. This locks the rear brakes when pressure is applied to the parking brake system. The original intention and purpose of the park brake was to hold the vehicle still while it was parked on a gradient. This is still its main function, but there is another application for this safety system. The Oldsmobile parking brake cables can assist in bringing the vehicle to a stop in an emergency. The parking brake system is also a manual braking system that can be used if the hydraulic braking system fails when the Oldsmobile is moving down the road. The only problem that can occur with the parking brake cables is if they snap. This only happens when pressure is first being applied to them and can be felt in the pedal or level at that time. This will let the Oldsmobile owner know it is time for a replacement cable to be refitted to their vehicle.